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Podcast Interview Setup Under £300

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Podcasting can be a fantastic medium to create great quality content and drive awareness to your brand or vision. For those of you just starting out, it may seem complex and daunting to know what you need to get started.

We will cover the essential kit needed to cover for a two person podcast/ interview setup with two separate microphones and stands within a budget of £300!

Recommended Microphone

This dynamic microphone really packs a punch for such a cheap price. Having the option to use USB or XLR, this mic offers versatility in the sense that you can plug this directly into a laptop or computer via USB without the necessary audio interface.

Often compared to Audio Technica ATR2100, we feel that the build quality, the overall sound performance as well as the value for money is better with this mic as it serves to be the top pick for this budget!

Audio Interface

An audio interface will become necessary if you are intending on recording podcasts with more than one microphone (for example with an interview setting).

There are a range of devices available at different price points, each offering differing levels of quality and functionality, however at this budget price point, there is not really anything that can beat this model. Behringer has, over the years built up a very solid reputation for the quality that they produce.

Just a quick youtube search or amazon search will show you how well regarded this model is. It has very good noise to signal ratio as well as a high latency which will essentially mean that you get the best quality out of the mics with very minimal delay.

Shock Mount

This is a simple but very important part of the kit that will allow any minor jolts or vibrations to not be translated into the audio clips and thus, make the podcast more professional.

It works by suspending the microphone in a layer cushioned by elastic bands to separate it relatively from the actual boom arm.

With the Samson Q2U microphones being quite large diameter microphones, this shock mount works well to keep it isolated from background noise

Pop Filter

Again, another very simple but vital piece of kit. You may have seen this combined in the shock mount above but the quality of this pop filter makes it worth buying separately to modify the previous product, as it has double meshing and is much larger in diameter.The function of it is to essentially reduce audio clipping, which can often happen when plosives (sounds beginning with 'b and 'p') are spoken into the microphone.

Boom Arm

The last piece of kit to add to your Podcast setup.

This will ensure that the microphones are freely moveable in the space in which you choose to operate and can be positioned in the most natural and comfortable way.

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